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Holy moly. Like I cannot even. It’s August?!? I don’t even know where to start. Like do I even still have a blog. Ohh. Emm. Gee. Life has been busy. So basically I’m going to catch y’all up on May, June, AND July. And then I’m probably not going to make any goals for August or cast out any promises about blogging that I can’t keep. Things  are just too cray-cray around here. Let’s start from the beginning…

May was all about prepping for vacation, both at work and at home. Then we actually went on our vacation—an amazing 2 weeks in Savannah. It was full of family, food, cocktails, pool time, selfie sticks, golf, shopping, cruiser bikes, beaching, and oh yah—more cocktails. And in the middle of all that vacation business, we also went to a wedding.



Reentering the real world, was already rough as I mentioned over here. Then we got the shock of a lifetime—Shae and Becca told us they were moving. It was the Wednesday after we got home and that Wednesday was hard. Like really hard. I would venture to say that particular Wednesday was one of the hardest days of my adult life. There were a lot of tears and a lot of tissues. And then a lot of wine. Followed by more tears.

So June became all about spending as much time as I could with Becca. We hung out almost every day. We went to the shooting range {with the boys, obi}, we went to a beer festival, we had one last hoorah DT The Woodlands, we bought matching Kendra Scott bracelets, and we even got to finally have our sleepover. We had such a fun last few weeks together, but in the back of my mind the reality of it all was sinking in—when she leaves, I LITERALLY have not one single friend here. I needed to makes some changes.


So that’s when I decided I should actually start going to blogger events. I went to two in June. The first one, Houston Bloggers Girls Night Out, I talked about over here. And I even ended up running into one of the girls I had meet while I was out and about in The Woodlands. For the first time in 2½ years, I ran into someone I knew. That was crazy-exciting to me. The second event I went to was more geared toward people who take blogging VERY seriously—I’m talking this IS their day job. I mean, great people, doing awesome things {and making money!!!} but I felt like a total novice listening to them talk. My blogging schedule {and commitment and knowledge} is a little too sporadic and fledgling to be taken that seriously at the moment.

Then, as if some kind of divine intervention, the very weekend that would be our first without Shae and Becca, our wedding photographer, Shalyn, invited us to go with her and her hubby and a few other couples to the Frio River for the Fourth of July. And holy crap, was that a way to ring in a new month and celebrate America, or what!?! We met the coolest people—like super cool. I don’t even know how to explain how much Austin and I needed that weekend with those exact people. 1738. We are already planning the trip for next year.


July has been the most insane month of the summer so far! So much work. But also so much play! I attended three more blogger events: one at Anthropologie {hosted by Alice, you can read all about it here}, one at TopGolf {Whitney’s recap is right here}, and then a brunch hosted by Tagspire {Bree just did a post about it over here}. I was thrilled to see so many familiar faces at every event and it feels so good to be carving out a little bit of friend space in H-Town.


Speaking of friends—my friend Jenna in getting married in September, so I flew back to Colorado one weekend in July to celebrate her bachelorette party. It was such a fun weekend! After arrivals and some delicious in-room pizza, we spent the first night out-and-about in Denver. Then four of us proceeded to spend a total of $80 at a 7-11 on more snacks than you’ve ever seen; oh and a lottery ticket. It was hilarious. And obviously a good night! Saturday we all got up early and snagged a primo spot at the rooftop pool! All the other bach parties were totally jelly bean. We had dinner at a place called Milk & Honey; it used to be called Lime, which is ironically where we had Jenna’s 21st birthday dinner. Coming full circle. After a weekend full of flower crowns, good food, lots of drinks, and the bride dancing in a deer mask—let’s just say the plane ride home was pretty brutal. VomCity.


Our social calendar was busting at the seams in July—we also met our new neighbors and they are great! Lauren and I totally bonded over Pretty Little Liars, so now I have a standing appointment on Tuesday nights with her sweet group of friends, ABC Family, and copious amounts of sweet tea vodka. Another thing that filled my planner in July were Rumpy’s vet appointments. He had three. I mean for a dog—that’s a lot of appointments. We are happy that his eye issues have cleared up, but unfortunately he has to have surgery on his ear. Poor little guy. I just scheduled it yesterday and am freaking out a little because he has to stay overnight. I am going to be a hot mess that day. Please keep this sweet little guy in your thoughts and send positive vibes our way on the 11th!


In other news, ARL “officially” starts his new position on August 1st {well I guess that’s today, so the 3rd} and I have now been thanked in advance by two separate people for, “giving up my husband to the company.” So there’s that. I guess I will see him never. Awesome. But I have plenty of stuff to keep me busy. Remember that project I told y’all about awhile back {here and here}—Heart Magazine? Well, things with that are ramping up! We are working like crazy to get a Kickstarter campaign launched in August and then there’s the editing—SO. MUCH. EDITING. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good problem to have. We just have so many exciting and amazing stories to share with y’all in our first print edition; so stay tuned on that!

In the meantime, and until things settle down a little, here’s where you can find me: {1} Bear Branch Animal Hospital, {2} Heart Magazine editing room floor, and {3} Instagram, duh.


Hi y’all! Happy Monday—mine is a little bit of a struggle, as I just got back from a bachelorette party. Needless to stay I’m pretty tired. Anyway I’ve got a fun little give away to help get y’all thru your Monday! I have teamed up with some awesome Houston bloggers to bring y’all a giveaway! So check out all these amazing ladies and what they are up too and you might win a purse in the process! Have a great day y’all.


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Let’s face it ladies, living with a guy is hard. I mean, they are basically giant children—they leave piles of stuff everywhere—keys, change, receipts {ohhh the receipts KILL me}, pens, etc.; they never put the pillows back in the proper place on the couch; the toilet seat is always up; and they haphazardly return things to the refrigerator/pantry. The ketchup is always in the fridge door, third shelf, with the mustard and other condiments—so why would you put it back anywhere but there?!?

And then there’s the Carrie-Bradshaw-coined “secret single behavior” or SSB. You know, the episode where she talks about how she likes to eat a stack of saltines with grape jelly while standing in the kitchen reading fashion magazines. If you don’t remember the ep, stop right now. And go rewatch it. Season 4, Episode 13: The Good Fight. It basically sums it all up: the frustrations and struggles of first moving in with someone; figuring each other out on a whole new level; finding a groove and learning how to keep the peace; making compromises; and giving up your SSB.


Whether you are just moving in with a guy, or you are a seasoned cohabitator, it can still be a challenge—but it’s all about patience, learning not to sweat the small stuff {uhhmmm, note to self}, and communication. I have rounded up a few of my blogger friends to ask them a some questions about cohabitating, share their SSB, and offer a little tidbit of advice on how they make it work. Meet Amber, Jaclyn, Sarah, Whitney, and Michelle—y’all are going to love them!


  1. How long have you been cohabitating? About 3 years.
  2. What was the hardest part or biggest shock after moving in together? Seems obvious, but the amount of time you spend together. I talk ALL DAY at work and when I come home I usually want to be quiet for a while. That was a hard adjustment because he usually wants to know how my day was, etc. We had to learn that sometimes quiet time is okay.
  3. Was there anything that surprisingly was not a struggle about the transition? It was pretty easy to figure out our roles and duties in the house. We just stuck with the things we prefer to do {for example: I LOVE to do laundry} and it all evened out.
  4. What does he do that drives you crazy? Like the #1 most crazy. Leaving laundry on the floor. In FRONT of the hamper!
  5. What would he say that you do that makes him batty? He would probably say my tidiness. Not that I like the house to be clean, but that I’m a bit obsessive about it. I cleanup behind him and sometimes put things away that he’s still using—oops!
  6. What kind of ground rules {if any} did y’all lay down? We talked about the not fun things like chores and had those “assigned” from the beginning. That way you both aren’t waiting for the other to take the trash out.
  7. What was your SSB? Did you give it up or let your guy in on it? I am innately lazy and love to binge watch Netflix TV shows. I did let him in on it and he tried to watch with me, but he’s not that into it. I still binge watch, even by myself. ;)
  8. Best advice for living with/moving in with a guy? Address problems as the arise and don’t let things fester. Also, don’t smother each other. Living together you will spend A LOT of time together so you are going to get on each other’s nerves. So take a night and go out without him and let him do the same.



  1. How long have you been cohabitating? My husband and I have lived together for 3 years.
  2. What was the hardest part or biggest shock after moving in together? The biggest shock of living with my husband has been his cooking skillz. He loves to cook, he loves to conquer new recipes, and he loves to feed his family! He rarely cooked before we lived together, so I had no idea it was even an interest to him.
  3. Was there anything that surprisingly was not a struggle about the transition? Surprisingly, I got used to the clutter that my husband leaves around. Ha!
  4. What does he do that drives you crazy? Like the #1 most crazy. Sets things down…all. over. the. place. He could pick up fork with intent to eat, get distracted, and set the fork down on our bed. True story. He loses so much stuff. He’s a nut.
  5. What would he say that you do that makes him batty? I asked him. He said, and I quote, “You go through one whole roll of toilet paper per bathroom visit.” I’m cracking up over here. Apparently I use too much toilet paper, y’all.
  6. What kind of ground rules {if any} did y’all lay down? Always. Ask. Me. What. Can. Go. In. The. Dryer. Period.
  7. What was your SSB? Did you give it up or let your guy in on it? Y’all. I seriously try to mock facial expressions that actors make in the show that I’m watching. I’ve never let my husband see, but he happened to be working in our loft and glanced down to catch me once! I didn’t really tell him that I do that often, errr every time I watch a TV show alone.
  8. Best advice for living with/moving in with a guy? Honestly, there’s nothing like the actual experience to teach you what you need to know. Haha! I will say that my husband knows everything about me, he accepts me completely, and there’s nothing about me that he could find out that would surprise him. I think being open and honest can help a man better understand what to expect from living together!



  1. How long have you been cohabitating? Since May 2012, so a little over 3 years. We moved in before we were even engaged, and I was SO nervous to tell my parents. Fortunately, he’s a respectable young man, and even more fortunately, he proposed a month later.
  2. What was the hardest part or biggest shock after moving in together? I didn’t find anything particularly shocking, but we did quickly realize that not getting alone time at home was difficult. Of course we each went out with friends on our own, but there’s something about being alone in your own home that can’t be replicated on a solo coffee run or happy hour with friends.
  3. Was there anything that surprisingly was not a struggle about the transition? I put all my stuff in storage and moved in with him for the first 2 months while we waited for his lease to be up, so I was worried about combining our things. Mostly I was concerned because I didn’t want to give any of my stuff up. :) Luckily, he let me organize everything, so my stuff stayed until I realized there was generally TOO MUCH STUFF. We did have a tiny issue when I wanted to throw away his college bedspread, so we kept it in a closet for a year then threw it away when we moved again.
  4. What does he do that drives you crazy? Like the #1 most crazy. The flatulence. Oh my word, it is so bad. And these days, it is simply unapologetic.
  5. What would he say that you do that makes him batty? I asked, and apparently it is the fact that I don’t wipe out the sink after I do the dishes. The water spots kill him. It’s a good thing he usually does the dishes. :)
  6. What kind of ground rules {if any} did y’all lay down? We had an unspoken rule about asking the other before inviting someone over, but that seems pretty obvious. If it doesn’t, you might need to work on your manners.
  7. What was your SSB? Did you give it up or let your guy in on it? Eating Kraft Mac and Cheese and wine for dinner after a very long day. Or just wine and cheese. He’s totes on board in both cases.
  8. Best advice for living with/moving in with a guy? Make sure you’re ready, and make sure you communicate. It’s all fun and games until someone lets a dirty dish or a toothpaste stain fester for months.



  1. How long have you been cohabitating? We’ve lived together since 2008, about 6 months after starting our relationship. What can I say? I couldn’t get enough of him!
  2. What was the hardest part or biggest shock after moving in together? Thankfully I had lived with a roommate before sharing space with another person, so I had at least something to compare it to. Since I spent 3–5 days at a time with him during the summer, there wasn’t really any big shock!
  3. Was there anything that surprisingly was not a struggle about the transition? Most girls might get turned off or annoyed when their guys spend evenings playing video games. I didn’t mind at all! He did his thing, and I did mine. Wanna know a secret? Sometimes I even played video games WITH HIM.
  4. What does he do that drives you crazy? Like the #1 most crazy. LEAVING CABINETS OPEN. I don’t think I can properly explain how insane this makes me.
  5. What would he say that you do that makes him batty? Hmmmm…nothing because he loves me. :) Just kidding! I know it annoys him when I call him into another room to go get me something in another room. Because I’m lazy.
  6. What kind of ground rules {if any} did y’all lay down? We tried to set up a system of me cooking and him doing the dishes. That didn’t last long. Now we trade off on chores {I hate sweeping/vacuuming, but he hates laundry}.
  7. What was your SSB? Did you give it up or let your guy in on it? If I can be completely honest, I only lived as a single girl for 1 year between moving out of my parents’ house and moving in with my then boyfriend/now husband. I’ve always been a huge fan of vegging out on the couch and watching TV all day. When we moved in together, we didn’t have cable, so I didn’t do much of that. He did get to see just how awful my eating habits were though…{Poptarts FTW}.
  8. Best advice for living with/moving in with a guy? I actually wrote a whole blog post about ‘living in sin’ on this back in in 2013! The biggest thing I can recommend is that you both stay true to who you are. Don’t become an blob of two people smashed into one. Have your own interests and hobbies! At the end of the day, you’ll snuggle up to each other in bed and love being able to be close to one another.



  1. How long have you been cohabitating? 2½ years.
  2. What was the hardest part or biggest shock after moving in together? The mess, I’m such a tidy person. Prior to moving in together, I use to be so impressed with how clean my husband’s house was. Come to find out his roommate was the neat one, and he just cleaned up after my husband freely. Even the bathroom!
  3. Was there anything that surprisingly was not a struggle about the transition? Always having someone there. I thought I would get annoyed with losing that much alone time, but it’s never been a problem.
  4. What does he do that drives you crazy? Like the #1 most crazy. He collects cups next to his bed. He will take water to bed incase he gets thirsty in the middle of the night, then they will all stay there for a week. Drives me insane.
  5. What would he say that you do that makes him batty? Leaving my towel anywhere but back on the towel rack. Opps.
  6. What kind of ground rules {if any} did y’all lay down? We have unsaid rules. If we’re out of something, write it on the board. Don’t waste electricity. If the garbage is full, take it out.
  7. What was your SSB? Did you give it up or let your guy in on it? I am one of those people who doesn’t get dressed right away after a shower. I love hanging out in my towel, drinking coffee, catching up on social media, do my makeup, etc. I’ve been known to spend an hour after a shower in what my husband refers to as “towel time.” He completely knows about it, and just laughs.
  8. Best advice for living with/moving in with a guy? Compromise and generate. Compromise on the things that drive you crazy, it’s not worth the fight. Then generate new habits that you can carry through your relationship. Every Sunday we make brunch together, and on Mondays we leave sweet messages to each other to get the new week started on a positive.

These ladies know their stuff, huh?!? You are welcome. Here at the LaFaille house, our number one rule is not going to bed mad—whatever it is, we work it out before we go to sleep. Needless to say, we’ve had some pretty late nights because of this rule. And can I get an “amen” to cups on the nightstand. So many cups. Ohhhh, boys. Can’t live with um, can’t live without um!

  • Allison Cochrane Templeton - I love this! Towel time- I thought I was the only one!!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Heath - This was so much fun to participate in, and I love reading the other girl’s responses! We are big fans of the not going to bed angry in the Heath household as well. Them cups, though!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Tanner - I love the post!! So glad we’re not the only ones with SSBs, and I would echo all the advice given :)ReplyCancel

  • Ruthie & Rose - What a great post! We can agree with SO MUCH of these, haha! Great tips and insight from some of our fave gals. Thanks for sharing! xoReplyCancel

Early last month I attended my very first Houston Bloggers event—and oh boy, it did not disappoint! This Girls Night event was held at The Wellness Centre and Well Polished in Katy. The two facilities are located on the same property so you get so many great services all in one location. And how cute are these buildings?!  Houston Bloggers Girls Night Out | {photo: Nicki Evans Photography,}PINIMAGE  Houston Bloggers Girls Night Out | {photo: Nicki Evans Photography,}PINIMAGE

Upon arrival I was promptly given a glass of wine—so I was loving it even before the pampering started. They had a slew of amazing spa treatments for us to try out and these adorable little passports {provided by Agave Brothers} to keep track of all our mini appointments! I am such a sucker for paper products.Houston Bloggers Girls Night Out | {photo: Nicki Evans Photography,}PINIMAGE

First up, I went to a acupuncture demonstration. I’m not one for needles, but this was so cool to watch! And the benefits sound endless. Everyone said it was totally painless; so if I can get over my fear of being poked I might give this a try!

Houston Bloggers Girls Night Out | {photo: Nicki Evans Photography,}PINIMAGE

Next, a chiropractic adjustment {can we say “HALLELUJAH!!!”} and a chair massage! Doing those back-to-back {pun intended} was such a good decision. It was so A.MAZ.ING! I need that every week. Uhhmmmm, what do you say, ARL?

Houston Bloggers Girls Night Out | {photo: Nicki Evans Photography,}PINIMAGE

Then obviously, I needed to break for some snacks and convo. Holy yumminess!

Houston Bloggers Girls Night Out | {photo: Nicki Evans Photography,}PINIMAGE

Houston Bloggers Girls Night Out | {photo: Nicki Evans Photography,}PINIMAGE

After that I headed over to Well Polished for an amazing hand massage! They are an all natural, eco-friendly spa offering facials, massages, wraps, manicures, pedicures, waxing, and more. And it is literally so adorable inside—I seriously wanted to move in to this little beauty cottage!

Houston Bloggers Girls Night Out | {photo: Nicki Evans Photography,}PINIMAGE

Houston Bloggers Girls Night Out | {photo: Nicki Evans Photography,}PINIMAGE

And then to my delight—Nothing Bundt Cakes for dessert! I was literally in heaven. wine + massage + NBC = happiest SAL

Houston Bloggers Girls Night Out | {photo: Nicki Evans Photography,}PINIMAGE

Overall it was such a fun night! I got to meet some really great local bloggers and have a much-needed night of pampering! The Wellness Centre and Well Polished offer such a luxurious, yet comfortable, setting for all your beauty and health needs and it was such a pleasure to spend an evening there. If y’all are in the Katy area you definitely need to give them a try. I promise you won’t regret it! Also check them out over on Facebook {The Wellness Centre + Well Polished} and Instagram!

And all these amazing pics—I can’t even. Shot by the sweet and talented Nicki Evans! You can find her over on social media too: Facebook + Instagram :) Thanks everyone for such a great event! Happy 3-day weekend y’all!

Houston Bloggers Girls Night Out | {photo: Nicki Evans Photography,}PINIMAGE

  • Whitney - This looks like so much fun!! I’m so sad that I missed it. So happy to have met you last night! And I’m in love with you blog design. It’s gorgeous!ReplyCancel

After 2 amazing weeks away, which I will tell y’all all about later, I am back Texas-side. Reentering the “real world” after this much time away is bittersweet and a little what I imagine it was like for Sandra Bullock’s character in Gravity when she is reentering the Earth’s atmosphere {spoiler alert: she doesn’t die}—a little lot scary, really bumpy at first, but sooo relieving once you’ve got your feet firmly back on the proverbial ground, i.e., back in the swing of things at work, home, etc. With that being said, yesterday was my first day trying to get my groove back. It was definitely rough; I feel like there are literally not enough hours in the day and I might be condemned to a life of playing catch-up in every aspect of my life. So for now these are the things that are keeping me sane and smiling while I slowly, but surely, transition back into real life.

These Band-Aids. I can’t even. They are just too perfect. Bow down to Oh Joy!



The grumpiest old man puppy curmudgeon in the world. He’s literally THE CUTEST. #rumpelstiltskinthebulldog



This sinful treat that I recently came across via Instagram. I mean, everything they are doing, they are doing right.



The prettiest color palettes and beautiful textiles found at an amazing furniture store and interior design studio in downtown Savannah called 24e.



A gold emoji bracelet. With what I call the “this girl” icon. Need I say more? I about died when I found it and promptly ordered. It is supposed to be here today!



This napkin pretty much sums up my life right now. Let’s do this Tuesday! Have a great day y’all!!!